dogini bed ramp

Only R1835

    • Suitable for beds up to 75cm high
    • Six height adjustable settings of
    • 45cm, 50cm, 55cm, 60cm, 65cm and 70cm
    • Length 160cm
    • Safety rails and Landing platform
    • Can support up to 45 Kg doggie
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dogini couch ramp

Only R1445

    • Suitable for furniture up to 50cm
    • Adjustable 35cm, 40cm and 45cm
    • Length 100cm
    • Can support up to 45 Kg doggie
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All dogini ramps are designed for you and your dog's needs :

  • Adjustable to reach furniture as required
  • Correct length for a safe incline
  • Fully collapsible for easy carrying or storage
  • Sturdy to support your dog
  • Slip resistant ribbed carpet
  • Handcrafted in South Africa

What dogini customers say

What dogini customers say

5 key signs you need a dog ramp

On the bed or on the couch you want your dog to be with you and they want to be with you! But jumping up and down from furniture is not good for them, it puts strain on their joints and spine.

If you check ANY of the items below you and your doggie could greatly benefit from a dogini ramp for the bed or couch.

Dog ramps mean no more jumping, no more picking up and no more worrying about your doggie’s safety.

Small doggies’ legs can get over-stressed with jumps up or down onto couches and beds. Some breeds can be genetically predisposed to conditions such as patellar luxation, spinal weaknesses including Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD). Using dog ramps will prevent any injuries and protect your doggie’s joints and back. The sooner they start using the ramps, the better they will manage in later life.

Large dogs also suffer from arthritis and joint issues as well as hip dysplasia. Using dog ramps from an early age will help them enjoy better mobility and pain relief as they age. If you have any concerns about your dog’s mobility, please always consult your vet.