dogs are part of the family, dog ramps are part of the furniture

Your dog is a member of your family and you want them to be with you as much as possible, joining you up on the couch or on the bed with you for TV watching and snuggles. You see them determined to reach their favourite places up on the couch or bed.

You worry about their safety, jumping up and down off furniture cannot be good for those little legs. We know that dogs do not always know their own limits and it is up to us humans to care. dogini dog ramps provide easy access to your couch or bed through high quality design that will soon become part of your furniture.

Quality and assurance are important to you, as with any purchase you invest in for your home. Our dog ramps are locally handcrafted by South African artisans. They are sturdy, functional and provide a beautiful high-quality piece of furniture for your home.

at dogini, our purpose is to provide pet loving families with products that support the comfort of your pet in the home as a family member