my story

Hi, I’m Sarah and I just love my pugs. This means doing everything in my power to make them safe and happy. I’d like to share two of their stories.
Dogini Possum Pet Stroller

2015 - possum

My 14-year-old pug Possum suffered from a degenerative vertebrae condition that put pressure on her spinal cord. Her little back legs started to fail and ultimately paralysis set in.
It was difficult to find the right products to help with her condition.
We had a custom wheelchair made for her. We installed a jacuzzi, got her a life jacket and I learned how to do basic hydrotherapy. My husband made an elevated food and water bowl stand. We found a dog stroller so she could go everywhere with us, even my sister’s wedding.
None of these things were very easy to find and took a lot of asking around.

2020 - isabella

Our 7-year-old pug Isabella struggled to jump up on to the couch, her favourite spot to watch TV with us. After much research, I decided on a dog ramp.

A good quality dog ramp was not easy to find online or in shops. Poorly made or too steep, there had to better choices.

My husband made our first dog ramp and she just loved it!

why i founded dogini

I knew it had to be easier for pet owners to get the products they need! Tried and tested products, that are well made.
Caring for your pets is a tough, emotional journey. Finding solutions to help them shouldn’t be so hard.
I founded dogini in April 2021 to provide the best products to support the comfort of your pets in the home as family members.
I love helping pet owners and the best part – getting to hear all the stories of those happy little pets.
Enjoy browsing our shop.