The following terms and conditions apply to all sales and uses of dogini products. The use of dogini’s products indicates that you agree to these terms. If you do not wish to agree to these terms, you can return the product in good condition within 30 days from the date of receiving the product.

Dog ramps: warnings and limitation of usage
The Regular Ramp and Bed Ramp are designed for domestic dogs or cats weighing less than 45kg. The ramps are not suitable for use by humans or other animals and should not be used by humans or other animals. Supervision by the owner is required when the pet is using the product. When using the product, the pet should not wear a collar or harness as it might catch on the ramp and could result in choking or death. Pets should not be encouraged, to run, play, or jump on or off the product. The product is not suitable for pets in wheelchairs. The sole purpose of the product is to assist pet with walking up onto and off the couch or bed. The product is not designed for any other use, including use outdoors.

Dog ramps: assumption of risk and liability
By purchasing and allowing your pet to use the product, you understand and agree that you are helping your pet access to the couch or bed. You fully accept the possibility and risk that the pet may not always use the product safely or may not use the product at all. You accept that there is a possibility and risk of injury from jumping off the couch or bed, or that the pet might not use the product safely in the intended manner such as jumping off or over the ramp. It is purchaser’s responsibility to manage the number of pets using the ramp at one time. In no event shall dogini be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special or consequential damages of any kind arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of any of its products. The purchasers will assume all risks.

Returns and refunds
Please inspect the product to ensure that it has not been damaged during shipment. If the product is damaged, please do not use the product and contact us immediately for a replacement. Returns will be accepted for a 30-day period from the time of receiving the product. We will refund your full money back, provided the product is undamaged and in good condition. If your pet is not comfortable using the dog ramp, please do reach out to us and we will provide some training advice to see if there is anything else you can try to do to help with the use of the ramp. We encourage you to try out the ramp for at least two weeks before making your decision on whether to return it. Before returning the product, please Contact Us. Products will be collected by our courier at your expense, based on our current delivery fees. Products must be returned in their original box.  Refunds will only be issued to your bank account once the item has been inspected and deemed to be in good condition. The courier fees are the responsibility of the customer and are non-refundable.